Dean Cera has twenty-six years of experience as an artist, and has been in  about 200  art exhibitions.  

Artist, Film Producer & Director

Worldfest Houston Remi Award Winner

Dean Cera has twenty-six years of experience as a cinematographer and photographer having filmed extensively in Italy, France, England, Canada and the United States of America.

"Dean's film directing style is profoundly influenced by his former professional experience as a fine artist whose works figure prominently in many corporate and private collections. His paintings of monumental human figures whose anatomies are reminiscent of the old world yet also transformed by the artists vision of a new era, are transposed to the film media creating a complex synergy of artistic expression. Original artwork, fine art photography and motion picture with original music weave and blend to create a dreamlike multi-verse."

"His Bachelor of Science in music, philosophy and biology as well as Masters work in psychology  add dimensions to his vision and his expression. Dean Michael Cera synthesizes   multiple disciplines and perspectives with exemplary artistic achievement."

"In addition to exploring, innovating and integrating multiple artistic mediums, Dean has passionately delved into both the teaching and healing opportunities inherent in his work. Directing messages that reflect upon the wonders of the world, addressing creative non-linear questions about the nature of universe, and engaging empowering messages that venture into self-regeneration are at the core of the work of Dean Michael Cera."

"His direction is a creative synthesis of science and art revealing the architecture of the human spirit as well as the evolution of humankind through his exploration of the structures we create. His intention is to invent structures that reflect and support the ongoing spiraling evolutionary process of our expanding consciousness."